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Cart Corrals

Shopping Cart Corrals - Cart Corrals for Sale

Not only do we provide the quality new and reconditioned shopping carts, we also supply shopping cart corrals for your parking lot. Shopping cart corrals are extremely important for cart management because customers almost always prefer to leave their carts in the parking lot after loading their cars rather than walking them all the way back into the store. Without cart corrals, shopping carts would run rampant, inefficiently taking up customer parking spaces in your parking lot. Minimize the amount of stray shopping carts by introducing either single wide cart corrals or a double wide cart corrals.

Shopping Cart Corrals Will:

  • Help Reduce auto damage claims
  • Provide a convenient place for customers to return carts.
  • Reduce cart loss
  • Reduce cart damage
  • Reduce labor costs for collecting carts
  • Provide more available parking spaces during peak times


  • Our cart corrals are modular in design
  • Slip joint connections
  • Unique torsion relief back bar
  • High rise weather resistant silk screened
  • aluminum sign
  • Galvanized finish