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Chrome Railing

Chrome Railing

Chrome Railings & Chrome Rails for Sale

Product Description We offer a complete line of post and railing components. Designed for strength, durability and aesthetic appeal, these chrome railing systems afford directional crowd control and security in addition to use in a wide variety of custom applications. Our posts feature a steel base plate welded to heavy duty steel tube with a secure post cap. There is no exposed anchoring. The rail outlets bolt directly to the post and a 0.25" set screw securely lock the rail into position.

Dimensions Post tubes are 2.25" O.D. (outside diameter) and railing lengths are 1.75" O.D. Horizontal rails 19.75" and 33.75" on center from floor.

Materials: All tubing meets appropriate ASTM standards.

Finishes · Available standard in highly polished chrome.

Installation Posts are designed to be mounted to a firm foundation. The mounting hardware (anchors, bolts, washers, etc.) to mount the unit to a concrete or Terrazzo floor is available (additional charge may apply). It is suggested to use skilled mechanics either under the supervision of a Manufacturer’s representative, or following the manufacturer’s directions and instructions (supplied with the gate).