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Shopping Carts

  • Refurbished Shopping Carts

    Refurbished and reconditioned shopping carts

    We have several grades of reconditioned shopping carts.

    • Re-coated shopping carts- These are used carts that have all the plastic and wheels removed. We then blast it down to bare metal and completely powder coat it. We then install all NEW handles, seats, seat belts, bumpers, wheels and casters. The powder coat has a 1 year warranty.
    • Reconditioned shopping carts Level 1 - These are used carts that are cleaned and then painted. Again, we remove all plastic and we then install all NEW handles, seats, seat belts, bumpers, wheels and casters.
    • Reconditioned shopping carts Level 2 - These carts are used carts that are cleaned and painted. We then replace wheels as needed. The handles and seats will be used but have no name. For a small fee we can use new handles.

  • Metal Shopping Carts

    Metal Shopping Carts

    This is the place where you will find Carriage Trade Service Company’s collection of metal shopping carts for sale. These carts are fantastic and very durable, which makes transferring large, heavy items around your store nice and easy. With these metal grocery carts, you will not have to worry about a product being too heavy to push. Designed for constant use and years of harsh abuse, these metal grocery carts are built to last, and they will be appreciated by both your customers and employees alike. 

    When it comes to our selection of metal shopping carts for sale, you will find that our quality is second to none. Along with our useful products, our customer service is outstanding. If you would like to learn more about our company or a specific product you see listed here, please reach out to us! A Carriage Trade Service Company representative is standing by.

  • Plastic Shopping Carts

    Plastic Shopping Carts

    When it comes to shopping carts, we carry a large variety to ensure that your customers get what they need. Our plastic shopping carts are a great alternative to metal shopping carts, which are often bulky and heavy. 

    Our plastic grocery carts for sale are durable, and they allow your customers to move freely throughout your store. These carts are also great for employees because they are easy to handle, which makes cart collection a breeze. Whether it is blistering hot or freezing cold outside, your employees will enjoy pushing these lightweight plastic shopping carts. 

    From your efficiency of your employees to the satisfaction of your customers, plastic grocery carts are a solid choice for your retail store. To learn more about the products at Carriage Trade Service Company, please contact us directly at 800-822-0422. 

  • Two Tier Shopping Carts

    Basket Carts

    For customers that do not anticipate filling up a full shopping cart with items, a small double basket shopping cart is ideal. These basket carts are great for quick trips to the store, and their small frames are easy to maneuver in narrow spaces. They are also easy to control, which means your customers will be able to quickly and efficiently go where they want to. 

    Our double basket shopping carts come in metal or plastic, and they are great for those customers who do not want to push a heavy-duty shopping cart. These two-tier basket carts are a fantastic option because they make shopping easy, especially for any customer who wants to get in and out as quickly as possible.  

    Do you have questions for us? We are happy to assist you by answering questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call 800-822-0422 to speak with a Carriage Trade Service Company representative.

  • Convenience Carts

    Convenience Carts

    It is our goal to make sure that retail store customers are appropriately accommodated.  That is why we carry only the best products available. This philosophy does not stop at our shopping cart wipes and seat belts, but it is something that permeates throughout every product in our inventory—including those designed to assist elderly and disabled customers. 

    Our grocery carts for seniors and disabled customers are extremely easy to maneuver. Your customers have the option to utilize both baskets or just use the top tier basket to easily reach for items. Some of our convenience carts have added features, such as a cup holder, and they come in either metal or plastic.

     Your customers will find that these convenience carts make their shopping experience that much better.  To learn more about our grocery carts for seniors, call Carriage Trade Service today! 800-822-0422

Shopping Carts for Sale - New and Reconditioned Grocery Shopping Carts

Carriage Trade Service Co. is a leading supplier of metal and plastic shopping carts to retail stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether you are looking for 1 or 1000 grocery shopping carts, we offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

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We stock a variety of both new and reconditioned plastic shopping carts and metal shopping carts from manufacturers throughout the country. Please browse our large selection of grocery carts for sale. We’re confident that you will find exactly the grocery shopping carts your store needs.