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Why Plastic Shopping Carts Are Perfect for Hardware Stores

When customers enter your hardware store, they are looking for heavy-duty items for rugged, tough jobs or projects. They will need something durable for collecting their purchases and carrying them around your store, and that’s where a plastic shopping cart can help. Read below to discover why plastic shopping carts are perfect for hardware stores.

Why Your Store Should Use Plastic Shopping Carts

There are many reasons why your hardware store should use plastic shopping carts. They will benefit you and your customers, which is a win-win for your business. Below is a breakdown of the various benefits plastic shopping carts can provide for your hardware store.

They Are Very Durable

One reason why plastic shopping carts are a good fit for your hardware store is that they are more durable than metal ones. For example, plastic carts do not rust or degrade as easily as metal carts. In addition, plastic carts can endure more wear and tear.

When your customers shop in your store, they will drop various tools, painting supplies, building materials, and other heavy items into your carts. Thankfully, plastic shopping carts can endure such a beating.

Manufacturers also build these carts with thicker frames than metal ones, which helps them stand up to more wear and tear. Plastic shopping carts wear down more slowly than their metal counterparts. That will save you money on repairs and cut down on the number of replacement carts you need to purchase. Ultimately, you will get more out of your investment, as plastic carts provide you with more service than metal ones.

They Do Less Damage

Your hardware store will also benefit from the fact that plastic carts do less damage than metal carts. Although a plastic cart’s material can endure wear and tear, it has a lightness to it, which benefits you and your customer.

For example, say a customer has a runaway cart in your store. You wouldn’t have to worry as much about it hitting a shelf, a product, or a car as you would if it were a metal cart. The customer also does not have to worry about damaging their purchases when they put their items into the plastic cart.

They Help You Build Your Brand

A third advantage of using plastic shopping cards in your hardware store is that they give you more opportunities to promote your brand. For example, you can place your hardware store’s logo in more places in a plastic cart than you would in a metal wire cart. This placement enables the customer to see your logo more as they push the cart around your store.

You can reinforce your brand further by getting plastic carts in the same color as your store colors, which is harder to do with metal carts. These marketing touches will make your brand linger in your customers’ minds after they leave your store. This will ultimately encourage repeat business, increasing your revenue.

They Are Quieter

Using plastic carts also allows you to provide a more pleasant experience for customers. Although your store may not be as quiet as a library, your visitors will appreciate it if you use carts that are quieter than their metal counterparts.

Although plastic carts do make noise, they do not make as many abrasive sounds as metal ones. This is because sound waves do not vibrate as easily through plastic as they do through metal. Your customers will be happy that they hear fewer aggravating noises as they shop in your store.

They Encourage Big Purchases

Another reason why plastic shopping carts are perfect for hardware stores is that they offer a substantial amount of room to place purchases, as opposed to a basket. While metal shopping carts also provide this benefit, it’s worth noting in conjunction with the many other perks plastic carts provide.

When customers shop in your store, a cart will allow them to buy most, if not all, of the big, bulky items that they need for their jobs or projects. The cart also will give them room to accommodate impulse buys so they don’t leave the store with only the items they were looking for. That allows you to enjoy more profit when customers enjoy shopping at your store.

What Types of Plastic Carts Should I Buy?

Now that you understand the benefits of using plastic shopping carts in your hardware store, you may wonder which styles you should buy. Below are two helpful options.

Carts With Different Sizes

One option you may want to consider is buying plastic carts of several different sizes that customers can use in your store. Having a range of sizes can be beneficial since you will have customers with different purchasing needs. For example, some people might come in looking for just a couple of cans of spray paint, while others might be looking for a substantial amount of lumbar. To accommodate patrons who wish to purchase many large items in your store, you will be able to accommodate them with large shopping carts. Likewise, you can provide smaller carts for individuals picking up just a couple of tools or products.

Ultimately, having a variety of shopping cart sizes will make the shopping experience better for your customers and keep them coming back. Give customers the freedom and flexibility to cater their shopping experience to their needs.

Double-Basket Carts

Your store should also consider adding plastic double-basket carts to its fleet, which feature baskets on the upper and lower tiers. These baskets can accommodate visitors who want to buy a range of different items and want to separate their purchases.

The customer can place their large items in the bigger basket on the cart’s lower tier. Then, they can put their smaller items in the smaller basket on the upper tier. The double-basket cart also offers the client the ability to move around aisles easily. Furthermore, the baskets provide additional cart real estate to promote your brand and enhance the cohesiveness of your location.

In the end, plastic shopping carts can provide you and your customers with an array of advantages while also saving you a significant amount of money. If you are looking for plastic shopping carts for sale, contact Carriage Trade Service. Our carts are durable and easy to handle, making them perfect for your hardware store. Shop with us today!

Why Plastic Shopping Carts Are Perfect for Hardware Stores
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