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6 Tips To Improve Your Grocery Store’s Layout

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 2:04 PM

6 Tips To Improve Your Grocery Store’s Layout

Your grocery store layout is going to largely dictate customers’ experience, as well as how much money you’ll make. Confusing or counter-intuitive arrangements will cost you. It’ll also cause your customers to abandon your store in droves, even if they aren’t conscious of why they feel so negative. To avoid this, you must implement an easy, smart design that maximizes the customer experience. Check out our tips to improve your grocery store’s layout below. 

Create a Power Wall

Did you know that most shoppers take your new or refurbished grocery carts and veer immediately to the right? This is a strange phenomenon that many retailers have learned to exploit. They call the far-right wall the “power wall.” This wall should convey a store’s purpose and brand. If your store prides itself on having the best butcher in the region, they should immediately look to the right and see steaks, chicken, and other meats, as well as a deli with a meat slicer. A store with organic products may have a smoothie or whey protein against the right wall.

Develop an Intuitive Path

After they observe and move toward the power wall, you should naturally guide them through the store in a way that’s intuitive to them. Perhaps a burger section can give way to cheeses and other forms of dairy. People usually put these on their meats, so they pair well together. Beyond logically arranging food groupings, creating circular paths is ideal since they give customers a wide berth and make them feel in control.

Merchandise Is Key

Let your fixtures fade to the background but make sure that you highlight different products. You want your customers’ eyes to look at them naturally. A good way to do this is to keep merchandise no higher than the eye level of the average person.

Checkout Is Key

There’s a reason why people put candy and other merchandise at the checkout line. You can consider your checkout line the “final push” before your customers leave. Typically, stores put candy there, but it’s not uncommon to find small items and drinks at the checkout area as well.

Change Displays Regularly

Your layout needs to follow customer trends, which could change. For instance, you find more vegans coming into your store. You should put vegan foods on your power wall and organic snacks at the front in response. Regularly changing your arrangements will take you far. This is a simple way to improve your grocery store’s layout. 

Create a Decompression Space

Put a space at the store’s threshold that’ll relax your customers. This could be a ‘break’ where they pick up their carts in a small enclosure near the front. Regardless, avoid placing big-ticket items here so that people don’t feel pressured to buy anything. If they arrive stressed out, you want them to feel calm and clearheaded throughout the shopping experience.

Overall, working with your layout effectively can only improve your customer experience. Everything you do counts. No matter your layout, it’s safe to say that you’ll need carts. Here at Carriage Trade Service Co., we ensure you get the best carts for your needs. Shop with us today!

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