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Are Two-Tier Carts the Right Choice for Your Grocery Store?

Thursday, June 16, 2022 10:19 AM

Are Two-Tier Carts the Right Choice for Your Grocery Store?

Grocery stores should be accessible to all—without shopping carts in groceries stores, you would have far fewer customers. Did you know you could make grocery stores even more accessible in ways that will also benefit your bottom line? Read on to learn how two-tier carts are the right choice for your store.

They Will Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Studies show that buyers will purchase up to 40 percent more groceries if you offer larger grocery carts in your store. Two tiers hold more groceries, and people are more inclined to fill their entire cart when they choose to utilize one. Therefore, when people buy more, your store’s bottom line will become positively impacted.

They’re More Versatile

With a regular cart, you’ll likely have to play Tetris to fit everything properly. Conversely, two-tiers offer your customers more versatility. For instance, shoppers can place items like bread and eggs—groceries that can easily be crushed under heavier products—in the top basket, and save the heavier products for the bottom. You can even put a pet or child in the front of the cart, leaving plenty of room for the items you need.

They Show That You Care About Your Demographic

To remain inclusive, you should provide a wide selection of carts to adequately fit the needs of your customers. For example, we’ve probably all witnessed at least one adult in the grocery store trying to wrangle a child who could easily fit in the front of a double-basket grocery cart. Your job is to take care of everyone, and people are quick to recognize when their needs aren’t being met. This can be dangerous to your bottom line because other stores might be willing to do what you won’t. If you want high market value, you should give your customers as many options as possible to shop the way they want, which is why two-tier shopping carts are the right choice for your grocery store.

Two-tier shopping carts are an important addition to any grocery store. They offer a level of versatility that you can’t find in most places and keep your demographic—which is pretty much everyone—happy.

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