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How Parts of a Shopping Cart Can Influence Buyer Behavior

Friday, May 20, 2022 2:35 PM

How Parts of a Shopping Cart Can Influence Buyer Behavior

You can consider many distinct factors when looking for ways to influence buyer behavior in a shop. One of these factors is the cart, which can come in many shapes and forms. So, how do you know which way to approach your cart strategy? Use this guide to learn how parts of a shopping cart can influence buyer behavior and how a few cart changes could improve your sales.

Room for More

The space within baskets and carts dictates how much one customer can carry. Thus, having ample space means that, even if the customer is planning to buy only a few things, they can grab more as they move around the store.

For instance, if the customer is looking for laundry detergent, they may feel the desire to pick up an extra jug if your store is having a sale. However, if their cart is full, the customer can’t strap the detergent to their back. For this reason, two-tier shopping carts are excellent—they provide more space while remaining comfortable to use.

Handlebar Habits

Another component that can impact buyer behavior is the handle. A recent study regarding the shopping cart’s handlebar design showcases the ways this component can affect extensor and flexor muscles, along with how both impact shopping habits. Moreover, the study analyzes how parallel handlebars increased sales in a field experiment. So, why did this happen?

The extensor and flexor muscles are in our arms—though you might know these muscles by other common monikers: the triceps and biceps, respectively. The parallel handle study showcases that because the design activates flexor muscles, keeping buyers primed to bring more to the cart, generating better sales. It’s understandable to assume the only critical factor in handlebar design is comfort. However, the subtle ways a shopping cart influences buyer behavior may be a bit more complex than that.

Optimizing Your Carts

With these ideas on how parts of a shopping cart can influence buyer behavior, you can start tweaking your carts to see the influence firsthand. To help you choose the best carts for your store’s needs, we offer a wide variety of cart styles online. For instance, our plastic shopping carts are available in one-tier and two-tier models.

If you want to start optimizing your carts today, start by sifting through the many options available. Then, once you find a cart that meets your needs, you can quickly introduce them to your store and track this change’s performance.

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