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Shopping Cart Solutions for Stores With Limited Space

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 10:36 AM

Shopping Cart Solutions for Stores With Limited Space

When you opened your store, you might have picked a modestly sized location so you could gain an advantage with the rent. However, smaller spaces have their challenges. For example, it is more difficult for customers to push shopping carts around the aisles in a smaller store. Fortunately, you have several options that can help. Read below to learn about shopping cart solutions for stores with limited space.

Double-Basket Shopping Carts

If your space is cramped, but you still want to give customers the convenience of using a cart, try adding a fleet of double-basket shopping carts to your store. Customers often use these in larger stores when they do not plan to buy enough products to fill a regular shopping cart.

But these can meet your customers’ needs as they shop in your smaller-scale store, which will likely have fewer products. Thanks to the small basket on top and the larger basket on the bottom, customers can still load up a substantial number of purchases before they head to the checkout lane.

The modest size of the carts also benefits shoppers as they move around the tight spaces of your store. The frames of the smaller carts make them move easier and quicker. That will allow customers to get their shopping done a lot faster so they can feel more satisfied with their shopping experience.

You can even explore customization options when it comes to the carts’ material. For example, you can choose to use plastic double-basket carts that will offer durability and make less noise as the customers guide them around your store.

Or you can purchase metal carts, which are lighter than plastic and easier to repair if they are damaged. Store owners can even choose the colors of the carts and add their store’s name to the handles. That will help your brand stay in the customers’ minds longer and inspire them to make return visits to your store.

Convenience Carts

Using a fleet of convenience carts is another creative solution for stores with limited space to spare. These carts feature structures like double-basket carts, as they also feature two baskets of varying depths and sizes.

Stores have often found these carts useful for accommodating seniors and disabled shoppers. Not only are convenience carts easy to move around the store, but they can also be helpful to customers with limited mobility.

Some customers may prefer to place their purchases in the top basket of the cart, which keeps their items well within reach. That convenience allows them to enjoy the trip with less difficulty in picking up their items. You can even further accommodate your guests by adding features like cup holders to your carts so your shoppers can enjoy a nice beverage as they browse.

Handheld Shopping Baskets

Handheld shopping baskets are another option your store should consider giving its customers. These baskets will accommodate shoppers who do not plan to make enough purchases to fill a double-basket or convenience cart.

Handheld baskets can make it easier for customers to move through cramped areas of your store. They can even save your workers time since they will not have to collect them in the parking lot as they do carts. Instead, your customers can simply drop them off as they leave your checkout stations.

Rolling Hand Baskets

If you are concerned about handheld baskets becoming too heavy for customers, there is an alternative. You can offer plastic rolling handbaskets that allow shoppers to get what they need without worrying about their loads becoming too much of a strain. When customers use these, they can stack as many items as possible in the baskets, which stay on the floor.

Thanks to the basket’s wheels and telescoping handle, the customer can pull it along with them on the floor instead of carrying it underneath their arm. The rolling hand basket even offers users more storage room than a regular basket, thanks to its height.

The plastic material of the baskets also benefits your store because it is very durable. These baskets will retain their color and stay strong, so you will not have to buy replacements for them anytime soon.

Reusable Tote Bags

If you want to save space and offer your customers an option that makes them feel like they are saving the Earth, try selling them reusable tote bags. Like a basket, your customers can carry these around as they shop and gather their items.

When they bring them up to your register, they will unload their purchases, and then reload them into the bag after they pay. The tote bag will allow them to skip using a plastic or paper bag to carry their items out. Each time they do this, your customer will feel like they are saving valuable resources.

That will allow your shoppers to rely less on carts in your store. In addition, a tote bag that features your name or logo will keep your store on the customer’s mind as they take it home or use it in other activities.

U-Boat Stocking Carts

Finally, if you want to save space while your employees are stocking items, consider adding U-boat stocking carts to your store. These carts feature U-shaped handles and thin structures that make it easy for your workers to stock products as they move around the limited space of your location.

Stocking carts also feature room for stacking items, allowing your workers to carry a substantial load during each trip. That will reduce the number of trips your employees need to make to the storeroom before returning to your shelves, giving them time to do other tasks, including ensuring your shop is neat as a pin.

These solutions can help customers more easily navigate your space and make your workers more efficient. If you want to buy special carts or baskets for your store, contact Carriage Trade Service Co. We can help you find the right solution for your store’s space and allow you to serve your shoppers better.

Shopping Cart Solutions for Stores With Limited Space

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