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Shopping Carts or Baskets: Which Is Best for You?

Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:31 PM

Shopping Carts or Baskets: Which Is Best for You?

Deciding between investing in shopping carts or baskets for your store can be challenging. After all, both options have unique aspects that can appeal to customers differently. Learn about the differences between shopping carts and baskets to determine which is best for you.

What are the Benefits of Shopping Carts?

Customers enjoy the convenience of easily moving through your aisles with shopping carts that can hold many items. This convenience may lead to increased sales as customers can add more products to their carts without worrying about the load getting too heavy.

Shopping carts are also especially helpful for parents with children, as they can securely place them in the cart’s seat while they shop. This provision offers both convenience and a safety advantage as customers can ensure their kids always stay close by.

What are the Benefits of Hand Baskets?

Even though hand baskets are smaller than shopping carts, your store shouldn’t underestimate their benefits. They are perfect for customers who shop in your store and only buy a few essential items.

They can quickly pick up what they need and head to the checkout, which is favorable for busy stores with high customer turnover. Hand baskets can encourage impulse purchases as customers may grab additional items while their basket isn’t full.

Hand baskets also occupy significantly less space than shopping carts and employees can easily stack them when they’re not in use. They are cost-effective for stores with limited storage space. Additionally, baskets often cost less to maintain and replace than shopping carts.

Which Is Best for Your Store?

So, shopping carts or baskets, which is best for you? Ultimately, it depends on many factors such as your store’s size, the range of products offered, and customer demographics.

For instance, smaller stores with limited storage space may find it suitable to invest in hand baskets instead of carts. However, a larger supermarket with various items might benefit from offering both shopping carts and hand baskets to accommodate customers’ needs based on their shopping volume.

Considering all these factors will give you valuable insights as you make the best choice for your retail business. Carriage Trade Service Co. provides quality shopping carts and hand baskets to clients across North America. Our products can help you add convenience and ease to your customers’ shopping experiences.

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