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3 Practical Shopping Cart Storage Solutions

Friday, April 22, 2022 3:08 PM

3 Practical Shopping Cart Storage Solutions

Shopping carts can wander when they don’t have somewhere to remain secure before and after customer use. In some cases, the wind will roll them into a nearby car or wall. Not only can the cart damage the object they bump into, but it can also accrue damage itself, leading to repairs.

Thankfully, you can avoid situations like this with better storage solutions. Read our list of three practical shopping cart storage solutions to find the best method for your business.

Folding Carts

As the name suggests, these carts fold, creating a more compact unit that can easily pop back open to create convenient customer storage. If you have a storage area but need to optimize your space better, consider foldable carts.

Thanks to its collapsible design, a folding shopping cart won’t take up as much room as a standard cart, making more space available. That said, what if you don’t have any storage space set up? Well, this is where shopping cart corrals come in handy.

Parking Lot Corrals

One of the most practical shopping cart storage solutions is sturdy, spacious corrals. Cart corrals are widespread at grocery stores and other shops that can accrue cart clutter in the parking lot. Suffice it to say, when customers bring the cart to their car to pack away their items, there is no guarantee they will walk back to the store. Thus, parking lot shopping corals offer a convenient solution for you and the customer alike.

Thanks to this storage solution, the customer doesn’t have to walk far to securely store carts, especially if you have ample corrals in your lot. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with a parking lot overflowing with carts that can roll into customer cars or become lost entirely.

Luckily, shopping for a quality corral is as straightforward as buying the carts themselves. For instance, our shop carries a wide range of shopping carts for sale. Furthermore, to ensure you can find a suitable storage solution for those carts, we carry corrals, too.

Indoor Cart Corrals

The parking lot isn’t the only area where carts clutter. If shoppers abandon their carts, instead of letting those carts clutter up an aisle all day, your staff can deliver them back to the corral. Likewise, customers can choose to return carts to an indoor corral when they finish shopping.

While these all help with storage, an indoor cart corral assists with one more thing—finding carts. If you set up your indoor corrals by the shop entrance, customers immediately know where to find one. Once again, it’s convenient for both you and the customer. Whether you use one of the methods above or all of them, you can start improving cart storage at your store today.

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