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3 Tips for Protecting Metal Shopping Carts in Cold Weather

Wednesday, January 11, 2023 12:40 PM

3 Tips for Protecting Metal Shopping Carts in Cold Weather

We’re in the dead of winter, and most stores have to implement serious changes. There are more things to do beyond putting down the welcome rubber mats and ensuring you regularly clean the floors so that your customers don’t have accidents. You would be remiss if you forgot your most important asset—your shopping carts. You need to pay particular attention to your steel shopping carts, as they can rust or become more brittle when the temperature drops. So what can you do to protect our metal shopping carts in the cold weather? 

Keep Them Clean

Performing maintenance will help with optimizing performance overall, but especially during winter. Snow and ice can cause wheels to rust, so cleaning your carts keeps this issue at bay to remove any residual chemicals and ice that may end up on your cart. If your store is large, maintenance can be difficult. However, who will stop you from lining up your carts and pressure washing them? This is a great way to protect your metal shopping carts in cold weather.

Store Your Carts Strategically

During winter, cart preservation largely depends on proper storage. Leaving your carts out in the cold is a serious no-no, as it diminishes longevity. During winter, rather than keeping carts outside the store, you should keep them inside. When customers take or leave their carts outside, ensure you bring them back in as quickly as possible. Don’t do this just because errant carts can cause accidents but because cold weather can make them brittle. Shopping cart corrals with roofs are another good temporary location to store your carts. They aren’t the best protection, but they’ll protect against snowfall.

Remove Snow and Ice From Your Parking Lot

You should remove snow and ice regardless of the conditions of your carts to keep them safe for your customers. However, when it comes to carts, you don’t want them to have to roll over ice, snow, or salt that can harm their undersides. Because of this, keep snow and ice to a minimum in your exits and parking lots. Doing so could save your customers and your wallet in the long run.

Even in winter, you can get new shopping carts. If you need shopping carts, we have you covered at Carriage Trade Services, no matter the season. Shop with us today for our top selections. You’ll be happy you did!

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