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6 Consumer Trends for Grocery Stores To Watch

Wednesday, November 2, 2022 4:11 PM

6 Consumer Trends for Grocery Stores To Watch

An important part of being a successful grocery store manager is understanding your consumer base. Understanding how customers shop can increase customer satisfaction because you cater to what they want. If you’re interested in knowing some of the top consumer trends for grocery stores, continue reading.

Online Shopping

The pandemic has changed a lot about the way we shop, leading to a tremendous increase in online grocery shopping. Even though the precautions surrounding the pandemic have loosened, hybridized stores and curb-side pickup are here to stay. Offer some form of digital shopping experience for your customers to stay on top of this trend.

Preference for Quality

More than ever, you can expect people to spend more at their local grocery store on premium products, which is especially true for fresh foods. This preference for high-quality products means you should stock the best in your store.

Prepared Foods

Even though cooking at home can be cheaper, the reintroduction of busy schedules into many people’s lives has made consumers conscious of their time. People often choose takeout over grocery stores because they don’t feel like they have the time to cook. Why not do the cooking for them? Expand your line of TV dinners, ready-made breakfasts, and frozen meals to keep customers coming back for the convenience.

Wellness-Oriented Lifestyles

Keeping up to date with all the lifestyle trends that surged to popularity during the pandemic can seem overwhelming. However, a common theme is an emphasis on wellness. Consumers are seeking ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and diet is a huge part of this. However, do not expect consumers to go after products that promote weight loss and other goals of diet culture. Instead, consumers are now seeking nourishing foods that foster overall wellness, not just weight loss. To cater to this trend, expand your stock of produce and lean protein sources.

The Rise of Veganism

Finally, another key consumer trend to watch out for is the increasing popularity of veganism. With concerns about health, animal welfare, and the environment becoming stronger, many consumers—even if they are not dedicated vegans—are incorporating vegan options into their diets. Capitalize on this trend and expand your line of vegan products.

As a grocery store owner, staying on top of consumer trends is key to running a successful business. At Carriage Trade Service, we want to help you keep your customers happy, making sure they keep their single and double-basket grocery carts filled to the brim with your premium products.

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