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Do Large Shopping Carts Encourage People To Buy More?

Thursday, April 28, 2022 12:51 PM

Do Large Shopping Carts Encourage People To Buy More?

Looking for ways to increase sales at your shop requires quite a bit of brainstorming. One method you may come across during your research is increasing shopping cart size. So, do large shopping carts encourage people to buy more? Let’s break down how this strategy works and why it can make a difference in your shop.

Considering Convenience

The more space a customer has in their cart, the more flexible they can be with their purchases. For example, customers often have a specific list of items they want to pick up when visiting a local shop. If customers have extra space in their cart after grabbing what they need, they won’t shy away from an impulse buy because now they’ll have the additional cart space to use. That extra space can also help when customers decide they want to buy more of a specific product than they originally anticipated.

Popular Solutions

Don’t worry; this isn’t an unconventional method of encouraging customers to buy more. The idea of larger shopping carts impacting customer habits is a longtime theory. For instance, marketing consultant Martin Lindstrom found back in 2011 that an experiment involving doubling their cart size led to 40 percent more purchases.

Every shop is different, from the size to the foot traffic, so how do you know whether it will work in your case? By adding larger shopping carts to your inventory, you may see firsthand the impact they can make on shopping habits.

Upgrading Fleets

Circling back to our question, do large shopping carts encourage people to buy more? As you can see from the details above, larger shopping carts certainly can positively impact on shopper buying habits.

So, where do you start when you want to upgrade your cart fleet? First, make sure you’re familiar with the current dimensions of your shopping cart so you can compare them to others on the market. Then, browse reputable vendors online who carry multiple cart sizes.

We carry metal shopping carts available in different sizes to accommodate unique shopping needs. At Carriage Trade Service, we also have shopping carts that feature two baskets. In other words, when it comes to updating your cart fleet, your options are very flexible. So, ask yourself, which cart size is right for your business?

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