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Where To Put Grocery Carts for More Sales

Thursday, November 17, 2022 2:37 PM

Where To Put Grocery Carts for More Sales

As a business owner of a grocery store, you have a lot on your plate. You must govern customer engagement and streamline everything to contribute to your customers’ happiness and the money your business makes. So how do grocery carts fit into all this? Well, it’s a fact that where you put your grocery carts can impact sales. Check out how location can help you below.

Front of the Store

The most obvious place to store your new or used grocery store carts is at the front of the store. This makes them easily accessible. Customers typically buy several items at once and need carts, so it makes perfect sense for them to reach for one the moment they walk in. Other customers may think they only need a few items, then get into the store and change their minds. Regardless, your carts should be there for them, no matter their choice.

Parking Lot

Storing your carts in a shopping cart corral is also a good choice. To begin, it automatically primes your customer to buy from your store. Suppose they pick your cart. They are less likely to abandon it in favor of another store’s cart. At that point, it’s a subtle commitment—and they’re far less likely to break it. In addition, it can provide customers with a place to drop off their shopping carts, making them far less likely to abandon them. This is a great way for grocery carts to increase sales and mitigate shopping cart theft.

Different Places Around the Store

Customers don’t always come into the store with a plan. Have you ever gone shopping for a few items—only enough to carry in your hands—then remembered you need several other items throughout your shopping trip? It happens to all of us, and you’ll need to take advantage of this. Having shopping carts on hand can encourage customers to buy more and increase sales.

Overall, you can do much to increase sales, and stationing your carts properly is one strategy. If you do this the right way, you can ensure you’ll see a substantial increase in your bottom line. If you’re interested in getting carts, check out our selection at Carriage Trade Service! We have carts for all your needs!

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